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HoodQ’s accurate and current neighbourhood data has made us a trusted technology leader in the real estate market. As a treasured resource among real estate agents, we’ve extended our platform to offer you brokerage solutions.

No agent training required
No learning curve for agents

No graphic design skills needed
All HoodQ data is displayed in a professionally designed manner

No time invested
We do the heavy lifting so you and your agents don’t have to

Bulk Pricing Discount for Brokerages

The Brokerage Subscription Package includes discounts on HoodQ subscriptions for all, or a portion, of your agents. Packages start at a minimum of 50 agents.


HoodQ Subscriptions allow your agents to have customized address-specific reports in seconds, simply by typing the property’s address.  

Address Report

Agents find the one-page format perfect for their Open Houses and appreciate the digital sharing of the reports for upcoming Buyer Tours.

Available for every address in Canada

Detailed Report

Agents find the extensive details and map offered in the 8-10 page report invaluable in fielding client’s neighbourhood questions during their one-to-one meetings and for Listing Presentations.

Available for every address in Canada

School Report

For clients with school-aged children, these reports help agents stand out by providing curated school data on Public, Catholic, Private, and Alternative/Special Education schools.

Available for every address in the


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Neighbourhood Highlights Widget with CTA Add On

With each HoodQ subscription, your agents can also offer a snippet of neighbourhood information for every listing on their website. In addition, the widget provides a call-to-action button where site visitors can receive a free Address Report in exchange for their contact information. HoodQ automatically sends the report to the site visitor, and emails the lead information to the agent.

Available for every address in Canada

The Brokerage Subscription Package Includes

Brokerage's choice of either Agent or Brokerage branding on every report
  • Photo or logo, name, contact info

  • Automatically generated for every report 

HoodQ_Web_Icons_24 (1).png
Unlimited number of address searches
  • No limits on number of reports created

  • No limits on number of reports printed, saved or shared

HoodQ_Web_Icons_25 (1).png
Flexible billing plans
  • Brokerage decision to receive billing with or without admin fees

HoodQ Insights™

HoodQ Insights™ provides an end-to-end solution to customize and improve your brokerages’ ability to reach prospective home buyers, capture their attention and convert them into clients. The program is delivered as a customized turnkey solution, or via customized digital modules, APIs and links.

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 12.31.56 PM.png
HoodQ Insights™ helps homebuyers

An interactive tool for homebuyers that provides brokerages with data-rich consumer insights on their home buying status and journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about these solutions for your brokerage, please contact us and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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