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Central Ajax is a mixed-use area containing several smaller communities. Applecroft is a family-oriented neighbourhood in central Ajax. It is a culturally diverse, middle-income community, with most residents residing in detached homes. Midtown is an older, well-established neighbourhood in the southern part of Central, with a mix of residential areas, commercial areas, schools, and parks. Carruthers Creek Business Area is on the east side of Central, and includes Salem Business Park and Ajax Business Park, and has ample, open space for further development.


Central East is a developing, mixed area of Ajax. Audley South is a residential, family-oriented neighbourhood that was developed in the early 2000s and consists mainly of detached homes. Small parts of Midtown and Carruthers Creek Business Area are located in Central East as well.

Central East

Central West contains several smaller, well-established neighbourhoods. RIverside is mostly residential, with some commercial properties, and a golf course. The Hermitage neighbourhood features large parks and open spaces. It is one of the older neighbourhoods in Ajax, and has a wide diversity of cultures. Westney Heights is a mainly residential area with a commercial district on Kingston Rd, which is the area's southern boundary, and it also features large parks. Westney Heights was one of the first areas to be developed in Ajax's expansion during the 1980s. Home to historic architecture and a quaint village atmosphere, the Village (also known as Pickering Village) is a unique and celebrated district of Ajax. It is located in the west end of the Town, along Highway 2. Once an original Quaker Settlement in the early 1800s, the area is now home to a number of restaurants, shops and professional services. The Village includes Ajax's only historic main street (Old Kingston Road).

Central West

Northeast Ajax is comprised of several smaller communities. The residential area of Audley North is a fast-growing, culturally diverse community made up mainly of families. The majority of homes are detached, and built in the early 2000s. Deer Creek has a residential area located on Buggey Lane and Bunhill Court, and there are some homes and businesses in other parts of the area, but the region is largely green space. The Salem Heights neighbourhood is in north central Ajax, in an area defined to the west and south by the Canadian Pacific Railway line. The area comprises newer residential developments, with commercial areas in the north, along Taunton Rd. To the east, Carruthers Creek forms the boundary between Salem Heights and Audley North.

Northeast Ajax

Northwest Ajax contains several communities. South Greenwood is in the greenbelt area and has a few large residential properties and some businesses. Duffins Crossing is an area of growth and will contain significant developments in the future. The area includes a large memorial gardens and parklands. Meadow Ridge is a culturally diverse neighbourhood that experienced major growth in the mid-2000s. Largely residential, the area also features some commercial developments, as well as parklands and areas for future development. Nottingham is a newer neighbourhood, much of its growth from the mid-2000s, and most homes are detached.

Northwest Ajax

There are several different communities in the South East Ajax area. Memorial Village is in central Ajax, adjacent to the downtown area, and was one of the first subdivisions to be developed in the town. This residential neighbourhood is less dense than newer developments and features well-established trees and green spaces. Lake Vista is a residential neighbourhood located just east of the Downtown. Southwood is an eclectic area, with a mix of older and newer homes, some businesses, a woodlot in the northwest corner, parks, and trails. Clover Ridge and Pickering Beach are mainly residential. A major feature of this area is the proximity to the beautiful Ajax waterfront and the access to the lakefront park and trail system. Lakeside is in the southeast corner of Ajax. It is a residential area, with newer subdivisions. The Carruthers Creek neighbourhood features subdivisions built in the mid-2000s, and is still under development. The neighbourhood is largely family-oriented, featuring row housing and detached homes.

South East

South West Ajax includes Duffins Bay and Discovery Bay, which have the waterfront of Lake Ontario as their southern border. Key assets of this area are its proximity to the lakefront park and trail system and the Duffins Bay greenbelt area. The area is perfect for nature lovers, with its water features for canoeing and kayaking, many trails for walking, running, and cycling, and areas for watching birds and other wildlife along the marshes of the creek. The Central Employment area, in the northern part of this neighbourhood, is a well-established industrial area with critical mass of businesses and strong manufacturing base in the middle of Ajax.

South West