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Dufferin County

Dufferin County sits on the fringe of the Greater Toronto Area, about 100 kilometres northwest of Toronto. Originally an agriculturally based economy, Dufferin's economy has diversified to include tourism, retail, construction, and manufacturing.

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Orangeville is a town in Dufferin county and serves as an administrative and commercial hub for the area. There are a number of manufacturing plants located in the town. Although, many residents in and around Orangeville commute to different areas of the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario for work.

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Mono is a rural town situated at the south-east corner of Dufferin County. It holds many streams and creeks which form the headwaters of three rivers - the Humber River, Nottawasaga River and Credit River and most of the town is located on high land relative to the rest of Southern Ontario.

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Shelburne is a town in Dufferin County. Incorporated as a town in 1877, the manufacturing sector is a major employer. Many residents commute to Orangeville, Brampton and other centres in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Amaranth is a township located in Dufferin County. It is named after the Amaranthus plant that grows abundantly within the county borders. The township is occupied by a diversity of landscape features, rivers, wetlands, and wildlife.

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Grand Valley

Grand Valley is a town located within Dufferin County. It consists of the former Township of East Luther and the former Village of Grand Valley. The town has had several names including Little Toronto, Village of Manasseh, and Luther Village, before finally becoming known as Grand Valley.

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