General Contractors
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If your renovation needs are more complex than a single job, a general contractor can help plan, organize, and manage your projects and the teams working on them.

Quick Overview of What a General Contractor Does for You


Helps you develop a realistic budget, timeline, and scope of work for your projects, as well as prioritize projects if you have a long list you want to tackle.


Manages subcontractors and tradespeople doing the work, from finding and hiring them, to overseeing them as they do the work, to ensuring they're paid after the work is complete.


Generally keeps renovation and building projects organized and moving along, handling any challenges that come up like availability of materials, scheduling conflicts, and unexpected issues.

Need a General Contractor?

Talk to your real estate agent for personalized recommendations based on your needs. If you're just looking, here are some of your top options in various regions.

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