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HoodQ has expanded beyond data aggregation and curation to create innovative solutions that help lenders acquire and retain customers. 

How? We are partnering with organizations that share our vision, co-creating new products and services that leverage both the gold standard curated data we have become known for, along with our seamless integration into any type of technological platform.

HoodQ’s Digital Solutions for Lenders

Our solutions for lenders leverage our sophisticated data analytics engine to help bridge the consumer gap between the mortgage and home search process.


These can be delivered to our partners as a customized turnkey solution, or through customized digital modules, APIs and links. 

HoodQ Insights™ Modules

HoodQ Insights™ provides an engaging tool for homebuyers that provides lenders with data-rich consumer insights on their home buying status and journey.

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HoodQ Insights™ Module


Using the HoodQ Insights™ module, home buyers are asked a series of questions that result in personalized recommendations for neighbourhoods and homes that match their search criteria

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HoodQ Insights Module - Coming Soon


The solution will soon be available as a Map SDK that can be seamlessly integrated onto any website with a few lines of code.

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HoodQ Insights™ Module

MLS Microsite

Neighbourhood and home recommendations can be linked to realtor branded microsites to extend the home buyer engagement

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HoodQ Insights™ Module

Neighbourhood Microsite

As an alternative to MLS Microsites, this module offers lenders a Neighbourhood Microsite option

HoodQ Insights™ makes it easy for homebuyers to compare neighbourhoods and the homes available within them, so homebuyers can make the best informed choices for their families. What makes the tool unique and unquestionably useful to homebuyers is the ability to search beyond typical real estate search criteria such as home types or budget. Combining our proprietary ranking algorithm and sophisticated data analytics engine, neighbourhoods are recommended to homebuyers based on the current needs of today’s market – needs such as commute times, specific school criteria, along with lifestyle considerations such as proximity to their desired recreational facilities.

As with all of our products, HoodQ Insights™ is based on the most comprehensive and richly detailed database of neighbourhood places in Canada, featuring curated details not found in other sources – details such as park facilities, school catchments, special school programs, and more. This database, combined with our proprietary ranking algorithm and sophisticated data analytics engine, allows HoodQ Insights to go beyond the usual.

In Practical Application


Imagine this scenario...


A homebuyer is looking for a neighbourhood that matches their home budget. They want the home to be located midway between their work and parents' house. At the same time, they want the neighbourhood to have French Immersion schools. Finally, they want to make sure there is an off-leash dog park close to the home. 


Within seconds, we provide all of the matches to the homebuyer. “We just found 2 neighbourhoods and 5 homes that match your criteria”. 


As the homebuyer clicks on the results, call-to-action prompts offer additional assistance. The CTAs can be completely customized based on our partner’s requirements.


In addition, the rolled up customer insight data gleaned along the way is provided to the lender for insight-led marketing initiatives.

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