Fletcher's Creek Sr PS

92 Malta Ave, Brampton, ON L6Y 4C8, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Middle

About Fletcher's Creek Sr PS

Fletcher's Creek Sr. Public School is committed to a school success plan that creates a pathway for future growth in all of our students and staff. We recognize that students bring their own identity and experiences to the classroom and value the importance of individual differences. Working in collaboration with staff, students and families we have created a pathway for a desired future that is driven by our mission, vision, values and collective commitments.

Fletcher's Creek Sr PS is located in Fletcher's Creek South

The Fletcher's Creek South neighbourhood is located in southwest Brampton. It is a mixed-use area, home to a campus of Sheridan College, schools, a sportsplex, courthouses, restaurants, and shopping and commercial areas. It also features plenty of green space, with many parks, part of the Brampton Golf Club, and trails along Fletcher's Creek and the hydro corridor. The residential areas are a mix of single-detached homes in various styles, semi-detached homes, apartment buildings, and townhome complexes.

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