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In this School Guide, you'll find out more about the schools children in this neighbourhood can attend, including public, Catholic, and private schools.

The Sandringham-Wellington neighbourhood is a large area in north Brampton, just south of Sandringham-Wellington North. It is east of Heart Lake and the Heart Lake Conservation Area. This is a newer, and ongoing, residential development, with development beginning in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The area features schools, park lands, natural woodlands along the river, and trails. Housing is a mix of large, 2-storey single-detached homes and semi-detached homes, and townhome complexes. The area is home to the Civic Hospital, a long-term care centre, a wellness centre, as well as pockets of convenient commercial and retail areas. Sandringham-Wellington has easy access to Highway 410.

Sandringham-Wellington Schools

This neighbourhood has great secondary schools, elementary special programs, and secondary special programs. There are 23 public schools, 8 Catholic schools, and 2 private schools serving Sandringham-Wellington. The special programs offered at local schools include International Baccalaureate, Vocational, French Immersion, and Christian.

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