Mount Albert PS

5488 Mt Albert Rd, Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Middle
About Mount Albert PS

Through a powerful foundation of encouragement, students will develop strategies and attitudes to be effective, responsible learners who consistently reflect, self-evaluate and revise. These processes will develop life-long problem-solvers who can think for themselves, adapt and believe in their capabilities and potential.

Mount Albert PS is located in Mt Albert

Mount Albert is an exurban community located within the Town of East Gwillimbury and is part of York Region. Housing developments are slowly continuing in the north east and south west quadrants. The downtown area is centred at Centre Street and Main Street. The town itself is bordered on the west by Highway 48, which connects Markham and Beaverton and on the east by Durham Regional Road 31, which serves as a townline between East Gwillimbury and Uxbridge. The Mount Albert Creek passes through Mount Albert. The outlying area is forested mainly by private woodlots and some regionally owned and maintained pine forests while farmlands are found throughout the area.

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