Holland Landing PS


16 Holland River Blvd, Holland Landing, ON L9N 1C4, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle

About Holland Landing PS

We demonstrate respect for each other through our thoughts, actions and words. We accept that everyone is unique with different abilities, beliefs, needs and strengths. We support and care for each other in a spirit of community. We are responsible for our learning and our behaviour and strive to be positive in our outlook and our interaction with others. We value independent, critical thinking and endeavour to make meaningful contributions to benefit our school and community, for it is through our individual and collective efforts that we achieve a vibrant learning community.

Holland Landing PS is located in Holland Landing

Holland Landing is a village in the town of East Gwillimbury. Its major road is Yonge Street (bypassed by the former Highway 11) and the village has bus service by GO Transit route 68 and York Region Transit route 52 (Monday to Saturday service). The East Gwillimbury GO train station is in the southeast corner of Holland Landing, providing weekday commuter train service. The East Holland River runs through the village and has several marinas for recreational boats. Most of Holland Landing's internal economy is based on the service industry, and some manufacturing. Holland Landing was the northernmost point on the original alignment of Yonge Street.

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