Dolphin Sr PS

18 Brookside Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 1H3, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Middle

About Dolphin Sr PS

Dolphin Sr. Public School is a middle school that is tucked away at the end of Brookside Drive in Streetsville. It has a diverse population with two enhanced learning classes, two ICOM classes and a GLD class. Our Mission is, “Making a Difference for all Students.” We also value equity, diversity, inclusiveness and social justice and believe that all stakeholders should work in harmony with one other, respecting differences and ensuring that all students can succeed. The academic success of all our students is our focus through the school success work in collaboration with our unit work, PDSB and the Ministry.

Dolphin Sr PS is located in Streetsville

The Streetsville neighbourhood, often called "The Village in the City," is in northwest Mississauga. A town prior to the 1974 amalgamations that formed the City of Mississauga, it seeks to keep a "small town" charm by retaining a variety of historical buildings and streetscapes. The neighbourhood features shops, restaurants, community facilities, entertainment, schools, parks, and it hosts events such as festivals, a Christmas market and parade, and Canada Day celebrations. Homes in Streetsville are older, single-detached, and in varied styles: bungalows, split-levels, and 2-storeys.

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