Mineola PS


145 Windy Oaks, Mississauga, ON L5G 1Z4, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Elementary

About Mineola PS

Mineola Public School is a unique, French immersion school located in the south of Mississauga. Our vision is to foster the development of caring and independent lifelong learners who can collaborate successfully in a global setting while meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Our collective commitments are to provide students with many opportunities to explore the world around them and develop competencies to challenge, compete and create in the academic world, sports and the arts. Our bilingual setting validates our Canadian heritage and encourages students to grow into productive citizens with a unique skill set.

Mineola PS is located in Mineola

The Mineola neighbourhood is in southern Mississauga, between Lakeview and Lorne Park, and with Port Credit to the south. It is close to, but not bordering Lake Ontario. One of Mississauga's oldest neighbourhoods, Mineloa is a stately, well-treed, and well-established area that features some very expensive estate properties, as well as smaller, much older homes from beginning in the 1940s. The area is residential, aside from schools and a few small businesses/services.

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