Virtute Innovation and Art Education

100 East Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1J6, Canada

About Virtute Innovation and Art Education

We are first and foremost a professional high school, a specialized place to study for a career in art, design, or communications. We are also certified by the Ministry of Education of Ontario to award students OSSD (BSID#880681). The skills and principles necessary to get into a top university and have a career are taught by top-notch professionals who earn a living doing what they teach. Our technical facilities and small class teaching resources are state-of-the-art. We have top-notch production facilities and educational resources. This gives you the technological edge on which your success depends. Our school prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communications and the arts by delivering excellent high school diploma degree and certificate programs and portfolio development programs.

Virtute Innovation and Art Education is located in Beaver Creek Business Park

Beaver Creek Business Park is Richmond Hill’s largest and southernmost business park. Covering over 600 acres, Beaver Creek comprises a significant portion of Richmond Hill’s total employment land. Located near major transportation corridors including Highways 7, 407 and 404, the business park is home to a variety of businesses from a number of industry sectors.

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