Cardinal Carter Catholic SS


210 Old Bloomington Rd, Aurora, ON L4G 0M2, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12
About Cardinal Carter Catholic SS

Cardinal Carter Catholic High School has a rich tradition of opportunities for student leadership and strong academic performance. Cardinal Carter Catholic High School is here to meet the needs of all students in a safe and caring environment. We provide additional support for students and create opportunities to foster student success that lead to any one of the four destinations: Workplace, College, Apprenticeship or University. From our Orientation program at Muskoka Woods to our Graduation Ceremony, Cardinal Carter provides you with fun memories, challenging curriculum and a solid Catholic foundation.

Cardinal Carter Catholic SS is located in Aurora Estates

Aurora Estates is located in southwest Aurora and is a high-income area featuring estate properties and a large golf course. The western corner of the area features newer residential developments. Bayview Ave forms the eastern border, and Bloomington Rd is the southern border.

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