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In this School Guide, you'll find out more about the schools children in this neighbourhood can attend, including public, Catholic, and private schools.

Humber Heights Schools

Humber Heights has great elementary schools, great secondary schools, elementary special programs, and secondary special programs. There are 8 public schools, 7 Catholic schools, and 1 private school serving Humber Heights. The special programs offered at local schools include French Immersion and International Baccalaureate.

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Humber Heights

Humber Heights, also known as Humbervale or Westmount, is divided by the Humber Creek into the northern 'Humber Heights' (originally the Etobicoke side of York Township's Weston) and the southern 'Westmount' (originally part of the Richview farming district) centred along Scarlett Road and La Rose Avenue. The housing type varies from the mansions of Yorkleigh Avenue and Westmount Park to the more modest; most are low-density single homes.

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