Rosethorn Junior School

2 Remington Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9A, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Elementary

About Rosethorn Junior School

Rosethorn is a French Immersion Kindergarten to grade 5 school. It currently serves 376 students in both of Canada's official languages. With our motivated staff and tremendous parental involvement and support of the school, Rosethorn has a strong sense of community. There is a sense of history at Rosethorn because many parents and community members are former students. Our students, staff and community have worked together to naturalize our school yard. The Rosethorn Satellite Daycare offers an excellent before and after school program as well as daycare for Kindergarten children. Our aim is to develop life long learners in a safe, nurturing and inspirational environment while embracing diversity - joie de vivre!

Rosethorn Junior School is located in Princess-Rosethorn

Also known as Princess Gardens, this neighbourhood is divided into two areas. The portion east of Kipling Road is known as Princess Anne Manor while the portion west of Kipling is Princess Margaret Gardens. They are named after The Princess Anne and The Princess Margaret, members of the British Royal family. The southwestern part of the neighbourhood is also sometimes known as Glen Agar. This is a post-war developed residential area. Its main street is Eglinton Avenue, a four-lane arterial road running east-west along the north of the neighbourhood. Residential subdivisions back onto Eglinton along this stretch. The density of the housing is very low, and road patterns are generally curved roads leading into cul-de-sacs to reduce traffic.

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