St. Denis Catholic School


67 Balsam Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 3B8, Canada

  • SCHOOL LEVEL: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle

About St. Denis Catholic School

St. Denis Catholic School opened its doors in September 1966. The school is named after the first bishop of Paris and patron saint of France, St. Denis, who was martyred for the faith on Montmatre, the mount of the martyrs. St. Denis has earned a well deserved reputation in the community by offering a balanced core program combining the teaching of the gospel values, arts, language, math, science and technology and self and society. The school is committed to strong literacy and math programs to provide students with the tools and understanding for life long learning.

St. Denis Catholic School is located in The Beaches

The Beaches (also known as "The Beach") is so named because of its four beaches situated on Lake Ontario. The commercial district of Queen Street East lies at the heart of The Beaches community. It is characterized by a large number of independent specialty stores. The side streets are mostly lined with semi-detached and large-scale Victorian, Edwardian and new-style houses. There are also low-rise apartment buildings and a few row-houses.

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