Turner Fenton SS


7935 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton, ON L6V, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12

About Turner Fenton SS

Turner Fenton Secondary School is named after J.A. Turner, the Peel board’s first director, and W.J. Fenton, a pioneer educator. The school consists of two buildings – the north and south halls. The school’s mission is to ensure a secure environment in which students, through varied programs and academic challenges, achieve success. The school is also committed to encouraging a positive attitude of understanding, acceptance and respect for differences. Staff believe that students who are committed to the school community are more likely to value their school experience and be able to balance areas of success and enjoyment with areas that might be more demanding. Teams and clubs offer structured, supervised opportunities for students to gain knowledge, skills and values. The staff believe students will become responsible citizens who will pursue lifelong learning and actively contribute to the future of the global community.

Turner Fenton SS is located in Steeles Industrial

The Steeles Industrial area is an industrial/employment area in south Brampton, between Steeles Ave and Highway 407. The southwest end also includes big-box stores, a cinema, hotels, and a school.

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