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By simply typing in an address, HoodQ automatically generates two beautiful address reports to help you get more listings and write more offers:

  1. Interactive Address Reports™

  2. HoodQ Detailed Reports™

1. Interactive Address Reports™

Professionally designed one-page marketing reports that show a home's address in the best light.

Use HoodQ to:

  • Create reports for any address -- instantly -- just by typing an address

  • Build your brand as a Neighbourhood Expert with your photo and contact info displayed on every report

  • Print as many reports as you like -- or share the link

  • Impress prospects at Open Houses and Buyer Tours

2. HoodQ Detailed Reports™

Comprehensive 8-10 page neighbourhood reports, instantly created with one click!

Beautifully designed full reports:

  • Display your photo and contact info on every report

  • Include a full-coloured map of neighbourhood features

  • Are perfect for listing presentations and one-to-ones

Top 5 reasons to use HoodQ

1. Build your brand as a neighbourhood expert

•  your photo & contact info appears on every report

2. Multiple marketing uses

•  for your listing presentations, buyer tours, open houses, and more

3. Easy to use and saves you time

•  create comprehensive reports in seconds, instead of hours

4. Create a professional image

•  impress your clients with gold standard reports

5. Drive more traffic to your website

•  easily embed HoodQ Reports into your website