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Real Estate Lawyers Having a good real estate lawyer on your team is essential. With home purchases being the largest investment you’ll likely make, and with ever-changing tax laws, you need to have a lawyer who can counsel you on the tax implications in this dynamic environment that we live in now. We’ve created a list of lawyers for you if you don’t have one already. Read more
Home Inspectors When should you get a home inspector? What should you look for to ensure that you have a home inspector you can trust? What can you expect from a home inspection? If you have questions, we have answers. We also have curated a list of Home Inspectors who have high reviews. Read more
General Contractors Whether you want to make some renovations on your new home or renovate to get a higher selling price on your current one, adding a good general contractor to your team will help your project get done more quickly and efficiently. We’ve curated a list of general contractors who have high reviews, along with other details about general contractors in general. Read more
Home Insurance Brokers Having an experienced Insurance Broker on your team will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the right insurance coverage to meet all of your individual needs. We’ve pulled together a list of Insurance Brokers that you can contact to find one that is a good fit for you. Read more
Moving Companies Whether you’re moving within the same city, or changing cities or countries, you’ll want to gather moving quotes to help you understand the cost of the move. As a first step, we’ve gathered a list of moving companies for you to start the process. Read more