Kipling Collegiate Institute


380 The Westway, Etobicoke, ON M9R, Canada

  • GRADES OFFERED: 9 - 12

About Kipling Collegiate Institute

Kipling Collegiate Institute (KCI) is a small school with a strong academic focus that is enhanced by our unique Science, Technology, Engineering & Math program. STEM is embedded across the curriculum. At Kipling, we believe in nurturing the needs of the whole learner. We offer an excellent academic program integrated with modern technology, active community service and a wide range of clubs and activities. We are a small, multicultural community school prioritizing respect, dignity and understanding for each individual and the community as a whole.

Kipling Collegiate Institute is located in Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview

Willowridge-Martingrove-Richview is predominantly residential, with middle class incomes. Housing in the neighbourhood primarily consists of single-family homes. The street patterns are organized in a similar way to many post-World War II suburbs, with winding roads and cul-de-sacs. Local plazas are located at the intersections of the main streets.

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